About Us

Hart Holdings Limited Company

We are a composite investment holding company with interests spanning across Construction, Finance, Property management, Logistics and Entertainment Services.
The company

has developed core competences and critical mass that are being leveraged to propel it into a competitive and fully diversified investment group, with interests in both financial and non-financial sectors. Key to this success is the human and intellectual capital the group has, as well as the relentless desire for wealth creation, premised on the development and implementation of broader, more innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Our principles

are based on strategic thinking and passionate execution. Our maxims are to achieve measurable results and exercise prudence when we conduct business. A diverse knowledge base at the Management level enables HH to concentrate on a variety of business fields. Our strategy is based on 3 pillars: >Expansion into new, profitable business areas >Lean organizational cost structure >Diversification into various business fields .

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We aspire to become a leading Holdings company with client orientated policies. Individually and collectively, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional workmanship, product and service delivery.


To offer products and services to the civic and co-operate societies that are of an international standard. To deliver services that makes our track record a testimony to many.


The following are the set of values that govern our conduct:
Superior Service
  • Adherence to the benchmarks we developed
  • Recognition of the need to satisfy our clients as key to ultimate superior service delivery.
  • Committing to exceeding client expectations – always
  • Team Work
  • The realization that each individual forms an essential part of the Hart body and one cannot complete their function without the cooperation and support of the others – DRIVES the way we work.
  • We understand how our individual roles affect others. This is key to the deliverance of superior services both to our internal and external clients.
  • Reliability
  • We recognize that the number one factor in service delivery is the level of trust between clients and us.
  • This trust comes as a result of consistent delivery of superior service and our clients knowing that they can always count on us to deliver.
  • Professionalism
  • Our professionalism includes upholding business ethics, service benchmarks & even dress code.
  • Our professional conduct, dress and attitude is consistent with our values.
  • Excellence
  • We do it right the first time, EVERY time
  • We recognize that first impressions are the ONLY impressions.
  • Innovation
  • We are always finding new ways of doing our work